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Hire great marketers based on their real skills, not resumes

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Save tens of hours

on every recruitment

Don’t waste time on screening through hundreds of CVs and interviewing unqualified candidates. We give you time back to focus on important things that can be done only by you, like assessing culture fit.

Heroify shortlist the best candidates without requiring any work from you.

Make better decisions

based on data

Most candidates exaggerate their qualifications, what makes traditional screening based on resumes extremely challenging and prone to errors.

Heroify helps you make better decisions and avoid costly mistakes by testing skills that matter most.

Remove unconscious bias

from your recruitment process

It’s easy to rule out great candidates for the wrong reasons, like paying too much attention to job titles, previous companies or years of experience.

With Heroify you don’t have to assume anything - we objectively assess candidates for you.

Heroify helped us avoid costly hiring mistakes. We were surprised how frequently people with great resumes lacked required skills.

Now, I just can’t imagine hiring or even interviewing someone without testing their skills with Heroify first.

Adrian Piwko

Founder & CEO Pora na Pola S.A.

Tests used by goal-oriented founders, managers,

& recruiters who trust in data, not gut feeling.

Customized to the job requirements

We don’t use one-size-fit-all tests, because every job is different. Instead, we curate

a test matched to your needs.

Ready in just

3 minutes

Insightful questions created by experts

Quick, easy & GDPR-compliant set-up

You don't have to create any questions by yourself. Just confirm skills you'd like to test, and we'll do the rest.

No need to engage legal or IT teams. Our tests are GDPR-friendly, and all you need to use them is your browser.

Take advantage of the know-how of experienced experts for a fraction of the price.

Create a unique test tailored perfectly

to the job requirements in just 3 minutes!


Paste the job description & enter basic information about the position

Let our algorithm identify the most relevant skills or choose them by yourself


We'll curate a customized assessment that will verify up to 5 different skills


Add your own open questions to address your particular needs


We're launching soon!

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